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Advanced Vision

At Clelland & Boyd we believe you should have the best possible vision available to you. We work with the market leaders in lens design and have invested in new technology which allows us to offer you the most accurate and up-to-date lenses, personalised using your unique measurements.  These lenses cannot be achieved without digital measuring equipment.

Crizal Prevencia


Introducing Crizal Prevencia, officially launched in 2014.

Blue-violet light is present outdoors as well as being emitted from LED and fluorescent light sources which are incorporated into most modern gadgets. This light is damaging to your retinal cells and can accelerate the onset of Macular Degeneration. Crizal Prevencia selectively filters harmful blue-violet light to prevent premature aging of your eye. It also provides 25x more UV protection than without lenses to help protect against cataracts and provides optimal vision by offering the best protection against reflections, scratches, smudges, dust and water.

4d vissioffice

Varilux S Series


Launched in 2013 the S Series of lenses offer the most advanced visual solution in the varilux range.

Two revolutionary advances in optics and the knowledge of wearer physiology provide up to a 50% wider field of view, compared with other premium lenses. The structure of the lens has been reengineered to produce better visual stability when moving, reducing the swim effect by up to 90% that often made navigating stairs an issue.


Varilux 4D goes one step further and integrates eye dominance, delivering quicker visual reaction time and improved adaption.

Essilor's Vissioffice


This fabulous piece of equipment evaluates over 20 key points including facial, frame, head and eye measurments as well as postural movements allowing us to design your lenses to your individual requirments.


Vissioffice also contains educational videos and interactive demonstrations so you can truly understand the lens options available and the benefits of each one. Feel free to have a browse through using the touchscreen or ask for a demonstration next time you're in.


Sometimes it can be hard to choose frames when you cant see them clearly... smile for the camera! Vissioffice can photograph and compare you wearing different frames, allowing you to see the fine detail of each.

Crizal Prevencia 1



We spend our lives looking at devices, smart phones and tablets throughout the day, laptops or computers at work, we even read entire books from a screen! All this screen time can cause eye fatigue and 2 out of 3 people report that digital screens require more effort to see, 3 out of 4 people suffer from tired eyes and 70% complaining of neck and shoulder pain, and then there's the blue light damage (see prevencia below).

Eyezen lenses have been designed to ease all of this discomfort and are intended for current glasses wearers and even those of us who dont currently require a distance correction.

Eyezen_A imagesERQRPTVO

Introducing Nautilus....


Welcome to the future, Nautilus is a brand new 3D virtual reality headset that lets you experience lenses before you buy them. We can now produce a 360 degree real life environment so you can see the differences between varifocal lenses, experience different colours of sunglass tints and see the benefits of different lens treatments to truely pick the right lenses for you. You will find Nautlius in all three of our branches now.