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Here we do things a little differently...

We get it, going to the opticians isn't always that fun. Eye tests can be scary for some and a bit of a chore for others. You're met with rows upon rows of glasses which all look the same and you end up with a new pair only when your prescription changes.


We'd like to change all that.


We LOVE eyewear! We love to help you see the world around you and we want you to look good while you're doing it. We want you to be as excited as we are when it comes to your eyewear wardrobe.


Think about it...


How many pairs of shoes do you own?

How many outfits?






and yet most people try to make one pair of glasses work for all these different looks and all of their activities and occassions throughout the year.




2015-SILMO-Essilor-Nautilus-1074 vissioffice

We want to take the time to sit down and learn about you.

What you do in a typical day, what special occasions you have coming up, what sports you play, where you are going on your holidays, which styles suit your personal taste.

We can use our optical knowledge and our love of all things glasses to find the best options to match all of the different things you tell us.


We don't want you to pick glasses from the same large optical companies that roll out designer brands with mass market designs you can find anywhere. We are now sourcing niche eyewear companies who take pride in their work, using quality products and manufacturing, encorporating unique designs and styles in a much wider variety of colours to suit each individual one of you who chooses us.


We will continue to use the latest equipment to show you what is available to you so you can make the best decision for your needs such as our visioffice digital measuring and nautilus 3D virtual reality headset.


Most of all we want to make you happy.