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Most people don't realise there are two different types of optician, take a minute and see how we work together:

Our Opticians



An Optometrist is the person who will carry out your eye examination, they will check you ocular pathology, they will attend to eye problems you may have, they will issue your prescription and they will refer you to the hospital if required.

Your Optometrist can also fit you with contact lenses to correct your prescription.


Some of our Optometrists have further qualifications to prescribe you medicines for the eye, this can often save a trip to the hospital.


We are introducing more specialised clinics using the expertise of our Optometrists, these include Dry Eye, Visual Stress and Colourimetry.

Dispensing Opticians:


A Dispensing Optician is qualified to fulfil your prescription. They will discuss your lifestyle and visual needs so as to select the best possible visual correction available to you. They will make you aware of new innovations in vision correction and recommend solutions based on your prescription and requirements.


Dispensing Opticians will help you select a frame which is suitable for your prescription, fits correctly and can advise you on suitable styles for your needs. They will take multiple measurments to ensure frame and lenses are in the correct position and visual standards are met. Dispensing Opticians can, if qualified in contact lens practice, also fit you with contact lenses. You will be pleased to know some of our Dispensing Opticians are contact lens practitioners.




Meet our lovely staff here

Mr George Boyd BSc Hons, FC Optom


George has been serving the community of Blairgowrie since 1991. In this time he has welcomed indviduals and families in a warm, caring and interested way, which ensures that you will feel at ease.


George has introduced many specialities to our practice: Colorimetry - helps with dyslexic conditions.

Orthoptics - Aiding your child with more subtle visual difficulties.



Mrs Claire Barnes BSc Hons, MC Optom, Dip TP (IP)


Claire works throughout our three branches but is based in Broughty Ferry and Carnoustie.


She brings a caring smile and 14 years of experience to provide excellent clinical care at every stage of your life. Her pleasant and kind nature will ensure you enjoy your eye examination experience and her dedication to her profession guarantees the best care for you and your family.


Claire has now completed further training to allow her to prescribe any licensed medicine for ocular conditions, which can only be done by a select few qualified optometrists and often saves a trip to the hospital.

Miss Laura Clelland Bsc, F.B.D.O.


Bringing the warmest and most enthusiastic welcome to you and your family, Laura will ensure that advice and solutions recommended will be the best available to you. Along with her extensive lens design knowledge and understanding of the latest technology, she will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date vision solution.


Mr Gary Clelland BA Hons, F.B.D.O


Gary has introduced a number of new technologies to the practices, including our vissioffice digital measuring experience. This ensures you have the best eye correction available, and a truly personalised lens.


Gary is well versed in all new lens and contact lens products and keeps his knowledge up to date by attending courses throughout the year.

Mr Arthur Clelland, F.A.D.O.


Arthur brings 30 years experience to you and your family in the provision of vision solutions.  His experience ensures that even the most complex of requirements can be solved.

He is keen to ensure you achieve the best possible vision available to you through excellent lens and frame choice along with discussion of your lifestyle requirements.

Arthur is also a contact lens optician and will often carry out your consultations, providing you with information on new contact lens products to increase comfort and ease of use.

Mr Anthony Russell, Bsc Hons, F.B.D.O


Anthony has joined our team at Blairgowrie, he is well versed in all aspects of lens design and function and will discuss your personal visual requirements to ensure all your needs are met.

He will help you choose the most suitable and stylish frames and advise you on current trends.

Anthony is currently studying for a further Contact Lens qualification and will advise and fit your contact lenses and carry out your annual checks.

Mrs Louise Wood BSc MC Optom


Louise has just joined our team after working in Dundee for her 13 qualified years in optics. Largely working out of our Blairgowrie practice, Louise will be available for your sight tests on our new extended opening days of Monday and Saturday afternoon, as well as through the rest of the week.


We have just recently introduced state of the art 3D eye screening to our practices, this allows us to keep a much more detailed health check on your eyes. Louise will guide you through this new process if it is something you are interested in doing and go through your scan results with you.