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Most people don't realise there are two different types of optician, take a minute and see how we work together for the best results.


An optometrist is the person who will carry out your eye examination, they will check the pathology of your eye and attend to any problems you may have. They will, in conjunction with yourself, produce and issue your prescriptions and can refer you to the hospital if required.
Optometrists can also fit you with contact lenses and carry out your contact lens annual checks

We are introducing more specialised clinics using the expertise of our optometrists, these include Dry Eye, Visual Stress and Colorimetry.

Dispensing Opticians

A dispensing optician is qualified to fulfil your prescription. They will discuss your lifestyle and visual needs so as to select the best possible visual correction available to you. They will make you aware of new innovations and recommend solutions based on your prescription and requirements.
Dispensing opticians will help you select a frame which is suitable for your prescription and fits correctly over various points of the face. They will take multiple measurements to ensure the frame and lenses are in the correct position and visual standards are met.
Some of our dispensing opticians are also qualified contact lens opticians.

Reception Team

Susan Fraser
Ann Rennie
Lesley Alexander

Optometry Team

George Boyd

Claire Barnes
Huma Rehman

Dispensing Team

Arthur Clelland
Laura Clelland
Anthony Russell
John Davie