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Your Vision

Your vision is a complex and amazing process. It allows you to process visual detail and to build a representation of your surrounding world. It allows us to navigate obstacles, read, communicate and learn.


And yet we often take this for granted, not thinking that our eyes need checked out until we are really struggling to see. The truth is you should be getting an eye check up every two years, as you would do with your teeth.


This allows us to monitor your eye health and pick up other health conditions you might not be aware of. It allows us to pick up any vision problems in your children before they start school and their learning journey.


In Scotland, eye examinations are FREE of charge to the patient and are available on a yearly or two yearly basis. The costs are currently met by the Scottish Government. PLEASE HAVE A REGULAR EYE EXAMINATION!



Your visual correction which is governed by your prescription can be dispensed in a few different ways.


1. In practice.  We have fully qualified Dispensing Opticians, registered with the GOC (General Optical Council) and the ABDO (The Association of British Dispensing Opticians). Your eye examination and dispensing of prescription combined together at the same site, ensures a full understanding of visual correction requirements. Your own visual demands will be better understood.


2. At another optical outlet or practice. There are distinctions between outlet and practice. An optical outlet is likely to be owned/ staffed by non qualified staff, with no formal education in the complexities of vision. A practice will have professional staff present for assistance. However sometimes the advice given is still by non qualified staff.


3. Online. This is now widely available. However I do caution because if lenses are fitted to a frame without correct measurements it is most likely your vision will not meet the same standards of correction to that supplied by a qualified optician.

We do not provide 'pd' measurements for online spectacle purchase.


"As a qualified Dispensing Optician, my opinion and training requires that I take consideration of more than one measurement to adequately fit a pair of spectacles.


The following are the minimum requirements: Horizontal centration, vertical centration, pantoscopic angle of fitted frame, wrap angle of fitted frame.


These measurements require that the frame be seen on the individual face and measured accordingly. They vary with every frame and face and are impossible to estimate accurately in remote isolation.


Remember - cost should not be your first thought when correcting your eye sight. Accuracy and the best solution should be your guiding principle.


It is quite possible to have inexpensive spectacles properly measured and fitted."


Arthur Clelland, FBDO